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Holiday Recycling Answers

by admin on December 8, 2009

Are shiny corrugated cardboard boxes recyclable? Yes, recycling isn’t just for brown boxes. If you have a paper box that has three layers of paper (one wavy layer in between two flat layers) it’s recyclable with corrugated cardboard, no matter how thin the layers. If it’s still intact, save it to package the next present you give.

Big paper shopping bags? These are great to reuse for future shopping trips. If it’s ripped, the paper can be reused as wrapping paper. But if neither of those uses is an option, paper shopping bags of any color (not just brown and including glossy bags) are recyclable

Plastic shopping bags? Hopefully, you don’t have much of these because you’ve reused canvas bags, but if you do have ripped bags that can’t be reused, they can be recycled if they’re marked with a #2 or #4 inside the chasing arrows recycling symbol

Dead holiday light strings (cords)? Yes, recyclable. Surprised? Electrical cords for holiday lights and dead extension cords can be recycled-if the light bulbs have been removed. The light bulbs themselves are not recyclable.

Happy Holidays and remember to recycle whatever you can.

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