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Resolution- Reduce Reuse Recycle

by admin on January 2, 2009

It’s a new year and that means making resolutions for a lot of people.
I usually don’t like to make them, but this year I made one that will be easy to keep that everyone can do.
What is it?
Recycle!!! everything I can.

I spent the first day of 2009 cleaning the basement and making an area for 3 bins to put recyclables in. I am lucky to have a recycling pick up in my community, so I just take the bins right out to the curb for pick up. I put decals on the bins like this one:

so I can keep it organized and anyone can find the right place to put recyclables.
This is a resolution everyone can keep and is something everyone can do.

Resolve to recycle and help the enivironment everyday!

Find the bin decals here

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