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How do you find a recycling center?

by admin on December 28, 2008

We often get the question, “How can I find a local recycling center?”

It’s a legitimate question, one that sometimes doesn’t have a clear answer. Depending on your location, recycling tends to happen through one of two venues:

  1. Your local trash/waste company either provides you separate bins for recycling, or does your recycling for you. A call to your local garbage pickup or waste municipality should be able to confirm the process, and any costs associated with it.
  2. It’s up to you to find a recycling place.

If you’re in the #2 position, I recommend the Recycling Center search at Once on the front page, you put in your zip code and it’ll provide results for you.

For instance, my local municipality-owned garbage company also provides free recycling bins for us. You just have to ask and they’ll bring them out. It’s a pretty sweet deal. In addition, I also used the second method and was given a local recycling center:

Whether you have one option or both options, the important thing is that you ARE recycling. So, go out there and make a difference.

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