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Recycled Mulch makes for green gardening

by admin on May 20, 2008

I love to garden. As the weather gets warmer and the gardens bloom, I’m reminded of the importance of good mulch. It holds moisture in and helps spread the warmth of the sun. It also traps in much needed heat and nutrients that may dissipate otherwise.

But what can be made into mulch? You’d be surprised how many recyclable products can be used in your garden. One of my favorites is recycled rubber mulch. This much is cut from recycled rubber that would otherwise pollute landfills. The rubber is ground up and broken down into small fragments that do much the same as those expensive wood mulches, but without the carbon footprint. They usually come in black, so they look good with any decor and with any flowers you may have planted.

So the next time you walk in your garden or by your flower bed, think of the wonderful use of rubber mulch. It’ll make your green thumb even greener by recycling.

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