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How to Recycling Anything in your closet

by admin on January 16, 2008

I found this neat article while surfing the web looking for ways to recycle home-based goods.,7518,s1-4-55-1285,00.html?trafficsource=OGNews_2008_01_16

How to Recycle Anything in Your Closet
Here are more than 30 ways to feel good about cleaning out your clothes closet. Each one of these organizations can put your tennis shoes, trousers, and—yes—even that bridesmaid dress to good use.

By Bronwyn Prohaska

Backpacks and Winter Gear
Helping Our Lakota Families Needs backpacks, slippers, winter boots, and large and extra-large T-shirts for Lakota Sioux children and adults on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation. Also accepts most other clothing and shoes in good condition, and unopened toiletries.

Call local shelters, grade schools, and churches, many of which hold school-supply drives for low-income or underprivileged children.

Boots, Hiking
Boots for Rangers Accepts hiking boots and tennis shoes in excellent condition for African rangers who patrol park boundaries and wilderness areas.

Passages Northwest Inspires girls of diverse backgrounds to discover courage and leadership skills through outdoor exploration. Needs sturdy, lightweight girls’ and women’s hiking boots, particularly in sizes four, five, and six.

Clothing (general)
Goodwill Industries International Proceeds from its more than 2,000 retail stores—which sell donated goods—go to job training for people who are unemployed and looking for work. Accepts all clothing items in usable condition.

The Salvation Army Donations are sold to fund social service programs. Accepts all clothing in usable condition.

Clothing and Accessories, Business
Career Closet Provides interview-appropriate clothing to disadvantaged women entering the workforce. Accepts suits, blouses, sweaters, blazers, skirts, slacks, dresses, and shoes (preferably black or blue pumps or loafers), jewelry, handbags (especially black), scarves, all-weather coats, and unopened hosiery. Especially needs suits size 14 and larger, business maternity clothes; plus-size hosiery in neutral colors.

Career Gear Provides appropriate clothing for interviews to low-income men. Accepts ties, dress shirts, suits, sports jackets, and dress and dress-casual pants in contemporary styles; particularly in need of size 44 and up for jackets, pants waist size 36 and up, and shirts size 18 and up.

Dress for Success Provides interview clothing for low-income women entering the workforce. Accepts contemporary business-appropriate skirt and pant suits, blouses, blazers, and jackets on hangers, as well as shoes, purses, and briefcases; particularly in need of size 16 and up. Does not accept belts. Some affiliates will accept jewelry, umbrellas, and scarves.

Jobs for Youth/Chicago Accepts standard business/interview attire to benefit youths seeking jobs. Men’s ties, men’s shirts sizes 18 to 35 and up, and women’s size 16 and up are especially needed.

Clothing and Accessories, Formal
Cinderella’s Closet Offers free prom dresses to underprivileged students in the Sacramento, California, area and sells other elegant styles—cocktail dresses, for example—through its TAGS Boutique to support the program. Accepts dry-cleaned dresses plus shoes, jewelry, handbags, and wraps.

Fairy Godmothers Inc. Gives formal gowns, long bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, evening bags, shawls, jewelry, and unopened makeup to high school girls from low-income families for their proms. Dresses must be fashionable, conforming to styles of the last five years, and be on hangers.

The Glass Slipper Project Donates formaldresses, evening bags, and shoes to needy Chicago high school girls.

The Princess Project Collects formal dresses and accessories in excellent condition, distributing them to girls in the San Francisco area for their proms. Also accepts accessories—such as evening bags, jewelry, wraps, and shawls—but no shoes orcasual, semiformal, or wedding dresses.

Clothing, Maternity
CityTeam Ministries This organization serving the poor and homeless in San Jose, California, accepts maternity clothes.

Call local shelters, domestic violence programs, and churches.

Clothing, Wedding
I Do Foundation Your donated dress is sold on consignment; 20 percent of the proceeds goes to a charity of your choice and the rest to the foundation’s work promoting charitable giving at weddings.

Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation The foundation sells used wedding gowns to fulfill the wishes of terminally ill breast cancer patients. Accepts gowns, sets of matching bridesmaids’ dresses, veils, slips, shoes, jewelry, wedding purses, ring pillows, mothers’ dresses, and flower girls’ dresses.

The New York Cares Coat Drive Collects coats every December for people who can’t afford them.

One Warm Coat Holds hundreds of events in over 30 states, mostly in fall and winter, to collect serviceable coats and give them to those in need.

Call churches, shelters, and domestic violence programs to see if they need coats or jackets.

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
Lions Clubs International Collects eyeglasses for recycling centers around the world. Accepts plastic and metal frames in good condition.

New Eyes for the Needy Distributes glasses free worldwide. Accepts plastic frames in good condition, metal frames in any condition, sunglasses, and hearing aids. Also welcomes jewelry and precious scrap metal (an orphaned gold earring or silver cufflink, for example), which are sold to benefit the organization.

Unite for Sight Sends used eyeglasses and sunglasses to children and adults in nations such as Nigeria and Uganda.

Call your local wildlife rehabilitator, who may be able to use fur for bedding for newborn animals. To locate one, go to National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (click on “FAQs,” then “Finding a Rehabilitator”).

Return wire hangers to your dry cleaner. Shelters may need wooden or plastic ones.

Hats and Scarves
Hats Off to Chemo This Canadian organization sends new and nearly new caps to children and adults who areundergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Call local cancer support programs to find out whether they need hats or scarves.

Indigo Rescue Accepts costume, vintage, and ethnic jewelry, which it sells to benefit animal rescue programs in Oregon.

Suitcases for Kids Donates suitcases to foster children who move from home to home and usually carry their belongings in plastic garbage bags. Suitcases are preferred, but large duffel bags and backpacks are also accepted.

Rain Gear
Real Change Publishes a weekly newspaper sold by homeless people in Seattle to support programs that connect the poor and the homeless with the greater community. Needs rain ponchos and umbrellas for its more than 200 vendors.

Call local shelters; many accept umbrellas.

Shoes, Athletic
Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program Nike recycles old athletic shoes, which are turned into athletic surfaces. Accepts non-metal-containing athletic shoes of any brand.

Project Shoe Assist Donates new and used athletic shoes in good condition in all sizes—including basketball and running shoes, and cross trainers—to underprivileged children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Shoes for Africa This organization ships used running shoes to Africa for distribution to aspiring athletes. Shoes must be washed and in good condition.

Soccer for Life Sends old soccer boots as well as cleats, jerseys, training clothes, sports bags, and shin guards to kids in Honduras, some of whom are homeless, so they can participate in soccer leagues.

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