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The RBAN003 Banner helps expand your recycling efforts!

by admin on November 16, 2007

When companies decide to start a recycling program in the office, the typical “first step” is to place boxes next to copiers & fax machines and convince everyone to place their scrap pages there for recycling.
While this is a good step in the right direction, many companies overlook another spot in the building that has great recycling potential: the lunchroom. If you think about it, the lunchroom or break room is a virtual stockpile of recyclable materials. Take drinks for example- pretty much everyone has some sort of beverage with their meal. At work these drinks are usually of the portable variety- pop cans, juice bottles, water bottles, 1/2 pint milk jugs- all of which are tossed when the lunch break is over. If you have just 20 employees who eat lunch in the office 5 days a week, that is a minimum of around 400 containers being thrown away monthly. Combine that with the dish-soap bottles, take & toss plastic lunch containers and all the other plastic products that float through the lunchroom on a daily basis & we’re talking about a HUGE opportunity to make a difference.
If you want to double that impact, add a place for cardboard & newspaper recycling in the lunchroom too. All the cardboard packaging that lunch & snack foods come in can be flattened and bundled for recycling… and those stacks of newspapers that adorn the break tables daily can be put to better use than lining trashcans as well! is full of all sorts of banners that can generate recycling buzz in your building’s lunch or break room. One of my favorites is the Rban003:

It’s a great way to get a simple message across & promote a worthy cause. The artwork is very to-the-point and provides an eye-appealing focal point on a bare break room wall. Visit to find this and other great Recycling Awareness banners to hang at your office & start a new recycling revolution. (Plus, if your office doesn’t have a lunchroom, you can always find great new posters there to adorn the dull walls behind those copy-paper recycling boxes!) :)

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