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Soda drinkers: Your cans add up!

by admin on October 15, 2007

Your cans can add up to big dollars in savings every year with a simple recycling plan. Many states offer a deposit. Some offer 5 cents. Some offer 10 cents. I live in Florida, which does not offer a bottle deposit. As such, a lot of people dispose of their cans with the rest of their trash. Truly wasteful! However, when I lived in Michigan, I found that those 10 cent deposits added up very quickly.

Here’s some hard math for you. How many sodas do you drink in a day? 1? 3? 5? If you’re like me, it’s probably closer to 10. That’s a dollar a day. 30 dollars in a month. $360 a year! All for taking the time to recycle your cans. That’s like buying a new television every year.. or a new computer every two years.. or a full month’s car payment for most people… all for just throwing your cans into a recycle bin and taking them back for the deposit. It truly is treasure from trash.

Even if your state doesn’t have a structured deposit system, consider the value of recycled aluminum (and other metals) in your community. Many scrap yards will take your cans (even in non-deposit states) and give you cash for them. Inquire with your local recycling center to see which facilities do this. You could be sitting on a mountain of easy money!

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