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New recycling information links available

by admin on August 6, 2007

We’ve put together several new articles for our customers to read and enjoy. These are freely available to anyone looking for recycling information.

Recycling Action Plan for Hospitals – A version of our Recycling Action Plan specifically aimed at the needs of hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

Recycling Action Plan for Hotels – Similar to the hospital action plan above, this Hotel Recycling Action Plan is made to serve the hospitality industry in their recycling needs.

What can be recycled? – A brief tutorial outlining what can and can’t be recycled. This list will be added to as more information is available.

Recycling Action Plan for Your Facility – A checklist of recyclable material processes and a chart that allows employers to assign employees to these processes.

Action Plan for Recycling in your Community – Everyone can pitch in to recycle in your town. This document gives ideas for how everyone can participate.

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