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Corn based promotional products.. a recycling hit!

by admin on June 6, 2007

Until recently, plastic products had been manufactured utilizing a petroleum based material. Amid soaring oil prices, disruptive supplies, and increased petroleum demand, Quickpoint is utilizing all natural plastic, that not only helps relieve U.S. dependence on foreign energy, but is based on a renewable U.S. agricultural product…CORN PLASTIC!
Corn Plastics…

* A billion bushels of corn grown annually in U.S.
* Corn plastics and fibers are used in products ranging from plastic eating utensils to t-shirts
* Corn based plastic products break down naturally by composting

Corn Plastic Products

* Good for U.S. Advertisers
* Good for U.S. Farmers
* Good for U.S. Consumers
* Good for America!!

So, we’re now carrying a line of great corn-based recycled products:

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